Personal Learning Network

By Joan Bruce


  • A personal learning network (PLN)  is a collection of sources that have experience, common  interest, and involvement pertaining to a topic that is valued alike.  Gathering pertinent information to connect visions with the knowledge of content  establishing knowledge in order to obtain your goal.  What ever your interest are, the network is for your individual needs.  Taking the content and sharing it with your own community to develop and implement programs for learning and research. Through the use of social applications, the amount of resources continues to grow.  Allowing you to update information in real-time.
  •  The sources are like strands of beads that connect to you, “the hub station”.  Those strands of information links is the Personal Learning Network  that you created.  Sources from which hold merit and whose opinions matter to you, compel you to strive for grander enlightenment. Those connects provide the information that guides your personal journey.  As life-long learners, you have the opportunity and abilities to grow in your personal and professional lives.
  • Twitter® and LinkedIn® are social media tools for connecting the strand of sources.  Each platform is  bit different from the other, both are an application for social media posting.  Posting videos, pictures, and content are for building “you” and engaging others.  With the tools and resources available, these platforms are wonderful applications to connect with other professionals and organizations.  Sharing ideas and assisting others in the same industry, increasing knowledge with what is trending too.
  • It is important that I stay up to date on topics and trends so I may grow personally and professionally in my career.  Gaining a deeper understanding through reading of others stories, scholarly articles and a variety of online media content that will guide my development. Twitter and LinkedIn connections makes it easier to gain insight and learn from other organizations.  For my own needs, social media platforms provides a place to connect and to read postings from other organizations.
  • As for PLNs taking the place of formal classroom training it would depend on type of accredited site and the intended purpose of the information.  Being able to create groups for collaboration and learning, with a diverse group of individuals will enhance the learning experience. Global learning that is not limited to walls, and gaining quality information.  Learning groups are great, but PLNs will never permanently replace regular classrooms, but can increase the dynamics of group collaboration and engagement.  The level of learning achieved is solely on the individual.

To submit this assignment, Create a title page and include the link to your PLN. Also invite me using the DIIGO invite.

1. Top Tips For Building Real Estate Website Traffic

  • Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn
  • Kyle Hiscock
  • This blog discusses why real estate website traffic is important and provide tips on what you can do to boost your websites traffic.  Learning the effective way to operate your website and spending the time to maintain interaction will increase results.
  • Benefit of this source for my PLN is to provide ideas and content in being actively involved with the leads I generate.

2.  Instagram for real estate: 5 little known ways agents benefit by incorporating social media tool into their business

  • Instagram
  • Justin Levitch
  • The blog explains how one can create a web profile, share photos, and provide short video tours and flipgrams.  Designing the visual of homes, promotes your image and draws people in to see more of your properties.  It is growing more and more digitized where searches are being conducted online more than just reading a paper.    So learning to market your business using instagram can make it easy get your product and service out to the public.
  • Benefit of this source to my PLN is to create a visual connection with others, while building my brand presence.

3. The Benefits of Social Media for Commercial Real Estate

  • LinkedIn
  • Chelsea Cannon
  • This blog discuses the importance of a good plan for managing an active online presence when selling real estate.  Developing a plan of action to increase awareness of your services, enhance the abilities for maximizing search engine links to your digital profiles and websites to reach your target audience.
  • Benefit of this source for my PLN is to educate me on how to personalize my brand  and interacting with my community.

4. Leadership in a Network Age

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Tumbler, Pintrest
  • Curtis Ogden
  • This blog addresses the new concept of shared leadership in an online social media platform. Through collaboration, the group is able to share in the leadership role.  This allows for a deeper and diverse structure that divides the power equally and taking the role of leadership to a network platform that all can contribute.
  • Benefit of this source to my PLN to provide understanding and guidelines to sharing understanding, and creation of environments that are open, equal, and assist with the flow of connections and values.


5. 4 Ways to Use Google Keep for Feedback and Assessment

  • Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, SumoMe
  • Kasey Bell
  • This blog explains the benefits of using the tool Google Keep contributes to being able to assess others and provide feedback at a given reference point.  Being able to connect other media tools to increase knowledge and understanding and reviewing assessment at your personal convenience is handy to retrieve reviews.
  • Benefit of this source is to use this information to gain an opportunity to learn through opportunity and experience. And being able to retrieve feedback immediately.

6. Reframing the Flipped Learning Discussion

  • Digg, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon
  • Jon Bergmann
  • Blog enlightening on the approach of flipped learning through a video that is geared towards bloom’s taxonomy. It is molded from a group to individual setting for the purpose of an interactive learning environment.
  • Benefit of this source to my PLN is to build solid relationship and interactive learning environments.

7.  Best Classroom Uses of Technology

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Youtube, RSS
  • Group of Professional Educators
  • Introduces new ideas and hands-on practice for project building and problem solving. By creating a deeper understanding and meaningful experience.
  • Benefit of this source to my PLN to provide insight on how to generate involvement and increase my knowledge towards innovative ideas

8. Classroom 2.0 

  • Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo
  •  Konstantinos Michos 
  • This site describes the efforts of teachers that share ideas and creation of lesson plans and online learning activities used to enhance blended learning through social media platforms and webinars connecting with colleagues in discussing technology literacy on many devices.
  • Benefit of this source to my PLN is to share documented lesson plans and teaching practices for future design.


9. What are Personal Learning Networks?

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Karla Gutierrez
  • Describing what is a PLN and how to stay up to date on the changes of technology, while learning from others.
  • Benefit of this source to my PLN is explaining why I need a personal learning network, and staying current with connection of knowledge and space to exchange thoughts and ideas.


10. edWeb 2018 Professional Learning Survey

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Google+
  • edWeb Educators
  • A social media network connecting educators, colleagues, and collaborative teams, on growing use and interaction of professional learning networks.  Allowing opportunities to new technologies, while assisting others and participating in the activities.
  • Benefit of this source to my PLN is to keep up with the changing technology and social media platforms.



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