Why or Why not…to Blog

By Joan Bruce

Branding Your Interests

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It is important to use blogs to share and reflect on topics of interest.  As real estate agents, we have a lot to offer our audiences.  Providing daily insights to the community you are involved in, and knowledge and experiences that can help individuals be more informed is what makes up a blog. (Wikipedia,2018)

As a new blogger, there is certain criteria that will create a positive and fulfilling experience.

  • Using a professional theme with quality content
  • Engage with readers
  • Back up claims with stats and sources


social media overlap
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The advantages of using blogs can be to update new and exciting information, while engaging your readers to share and comment their concerns and experiences.  Opportunities to grow in knowledge and building relationships is the goal.  There is a downside to using blogs.  Commitment is the most important aspect of blogging.  It takes a lot of time and effort in staying actively responsive to your blog.  Researching and staying on top of new and exciting content is important to attract your followers to continue to be intrigued with the content being discussed.  As for educating others, blogs are a great interactive learning tool.  Blogs provide a learning platform that is flexible and motivates through engagement.

19 Things a New Homeowner Should Do Immediately to Save Money

blog elearning
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As real estate professionals, we have the ability to assist new home owners with knowing what it will take to own and manage their homes.  Knowing when to call a service professional, or provide tutorials for “do-it” yourself projects, are ways to provide insight and learn from each other.



Image retrieved from Flicker.com

As with any social media platform, content and attitude displays a lot about who you are as a person.  Let your content display insight to your involvement within your community and  empower others.  Building a trusting relationship with your followers will create a positive reputation. Engaging with followers and responding to their comments is crucial to blog success.  Even though some comments may be negative, we must be positive and kind in our response.  Working to assist and educate others while providing a satisfying experience is the blogging goal. In turn we learn from others and a little more about ourselves.





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